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We would like to thank you in advance for your generous contribution. It takes a village and a community that actually cares about keeping the arts alive and thriving to make the difference.


"Writing my life story, Billie: This Ain't No Billie Jean King Story was extremely challenging, and deciding to produce the autobiography for stage for all to see, proved to be even more difficult. 

I felt that it would put me in a vulnerable place, a place to be judged and maybe even shunned, or casted out of my community. However, after reading all the encouraging reviews and comments from those who read the book, I knew I had to step up and step out'. 

In 2016 Billie The Play went to stage. Instead of hiding, I cut my hair, removed the mask from my face and shouted, look at me, take a deeper look and tell me what do you see? It was the perfect staging to reach the masses allowing others to know that expressing their truth out loud is not only scary, but, also therapeutic, freeing and healing for others.

So, here we are again, back by popular demand, taking leaps and bounds, increasing the seating capacity from an intimate 99 seater to a bold 300 seat theatre, all while discussing a topic that would be considered taboo to most, instead is spreading love, light, and encouragement". 

                         -Writer/Director Billie King

Your generous donation  will help accomplish our mission to open up poorly bandaged wounds, so that they can be healed thoroughly.

With your donation comes a full-page spot in the program to advertise your business, and/or cause, if you so choose, with a tax write-off letter. Again, I am grateful for your donation. 

-Writer/Director / Producer 

Billie King 


Video Design

Our show has an extensive video and lighting design.  Your support and contribution will enable us to pay the designer, meet our goals and improve our show. Your generous donation will fund our mission. 

Starting Donation  at $300

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Scenic Design $2500

We have finally perfected the  design of the set to have us living in the ghetto of the inner city and transforming it into the suburbs within 10 minutes. We need your help to bring it to fruition.

Starting Donation at $500

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Step & Repeat

We have put all of our budget in the talent and location.  We have confirmed that press will be attending , but  we need to raise money for some press materials so we can show up well in Blogs and on Social Media.  

Your support and contributions will enable us to purchase a Step & Repeat for this show and others that follow. Your generous donation is appreciated.

Any Amount Will Help.

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Play Program

We have to print up 600 programs all  with multiple pages.  Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Any amount is appreciated.

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